Warlands for iOS

Your goal, total world domination. Use your strategic prowess to dispatch each of your enemies turn by turn.

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What is Warlands?

Warlands is a turn-based strategy game where your goal is to destroy your enemies and take over the map until you achieve total world domination.

You can play up to 7 other people or computers, either on the same device or over the internet.

You are able to place two different types of units (one that is better at attacking, and one that is better at defending), and there are six different types of territory: plains, impassable mountains, treacherous water, defensive towers, cunning forests, and unit production centers.

The free base game comes with three styles of maps in three sizes each. Additional map packs can be purchased for 99 cents. Purchase of any map pack removes advertisements.

Map Packs

  • The Divided Lands - Includes spiral, layers, and cubes maps
  • The High Seas - Includes fire-islands, whirlpool, and water-world maps
  • The Desolate Country - Includes bases, rapid-growth, and continents maps

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How to Play

The Goal

Take over the map.

Initial Placement Phase

The first step on your path to world domination is to choose a location to start amassing your armies. First select to place either an attacker or defender, and then tap on the territory that you want to place your units at. You cannot place units in more than one territory, but you can place any combination of attackers and defenders.

This phase happens once for each player at the beginning of the game.

Attack Phase

During the attack phase you get to unleash your fury upon your enemies. To attack, tap a friendly territory with two or more units, and then tap on an adjacent unfriendly territory. Success and failure is based on a dice roll for each unit (plus any territory or unit bonuses) that acts as both health and damage for each unit. The attack is successful only when all defending units are defeated and the attacker has two or more units left.

Fortification Phase

During the fortification phase, you can move units from any friendly territory with two or more units to another adjacent friendly territory. You can only move to or from a territory once during this phase.

Placement Phase

The placement phase is where you receive additional units to resupply your territories based on your army size and how much of your land is enclosed. Each territory can only hold 7 units. These units can be any combination of attackers and defenders. To place a unit, select an attacker or defender to place, and then tap a territory.

This phase can be configured to go before attack or after fortification (the default is after fortification).

Territory Phase

The territory phase is where water takes its revenge. Water will attack each group of units bold enough to end their movement there.

Territory Types


Plains are the default territories, and provide no bonuses.


Castles provide a +1 bonus to each unit when being attacked. Also adds +1 to Fog of War light.


Forests provide a +1 bonus to each unit when attacking. Also adds -1 to Fog of War light.

Unit Production

Maintaining control of these territory add +1 to unit production.


Water is passable, but very treacherous. During the territory phase, it will attack any units within.


Mountains are impassible. They are good to have at your back.

Unit Types


Defenders add a +1 to the dice roll when being attacked.


Attackers add a +1 to the dice roll when attacking.

Advanced Mechanic Information

Attack Mechanics

When one territory attacks another, the following happens:

  1. We convert each unit to a power score by rolling a 1d6 and adding any modifiers the unit gets for being an attacker or defender (depending on if it's attacking or being attacked), and any modifiers the unit gets for being on attacking (forest) or defending (castle) terrain.
  2. We organize all the units on both sides from the highest score to the lowest score.
  3. We compare each player's highest ranked units. We kill the unit with the lower score, and subtract the slain unit's score from the surviving unit. The attacking unit then does this comparison with the next highest scoring unit, until that unit is dead.
  4. We repeat step 3 until the attacker is left with one unit (they don't gain any new territory), or until all the defender's units die (then the attacker gains that territory by all but one unit (a defensive unit, if they have it) to the new territory).
Placement Unit Count Mechanics

The amount of units a player gets are determined by adding up the following:

  • Three base units
  • One new unit for every existing three units.
  • One unit for every ~two territory that is fully surrounded with friendly territories or mountains.
  • One unit for every ~two territory that is fully surrounded by only friendly territories.
  • One unit for any territory with seven units.
  • One unit for any 'unit production bonus' tile you control.
Fog of War Mechanics

The amount of 'light' each territory has is:

Regular Fog

  • 1-3 Units: You can see one territory away.
  • 4-5 Units: You can see two territories away.
  • 6-7 Units: You can see three territories away.

Dense Fog

  • 1-7 Units: You can see one territory away.

Subtract one if you're on a forest. Add one if you're on a castle.


Arash Payan for Appirater

Michael Fessenden for SKTiled

David Sinclair for DSActivityView

Benjamin Borowski for GKAchievementNotification

Dan Byers for Keychain Helpers

Jonathan Wight for TouchJSON

Matt Gallagher for NSData+Base64

Geoffrey Garside for NSData+Compression

DrumM8 for Civil War Drummer Sound

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